About us

FEBC―the invisible spot to encounter with Jesus

We FEBC-Japan receive about 300 e-mails/letters from our listeners each month.
Answering every single letter/mail is a life-line as well as daily broadcast.

The Spot of listening His voice
When you carefully listen to our programs, you will hear the whisper from our Lord to you.
Radio is the media, which uniquely help us to “see” Jesus who is seeking for us.

Three in One
We broadcasts in three ways; AM radio, the Internet and Monthly Delivery MP3 Disks.
We air various kinds of programs in three ways for one purpose, introducing Jesus Himself.


Everytime I complain about my sufferings, I was always told that “I have pity on your situation.” or “That is what life is about.”
But, Keiko is different. She said “I’m very sorry, but I am too limited to really understand your situation.” I was so pleased by her sincere response.
― a listener


I’ve been taught by our faithful listeners what all I have to do in my program “Keiko’s Mail Bag”.
The purpose of this program is not to solve their problems.
Serious illness, unemployment, divorce, suicide attempt, and so on…
At the bottom of these serious troubles or questions, I always find one common and deepest need; “Be loved” or “Longing for True Love”.

So, all I need to do in the program is to encounter with each “persona”, rather than trying to answer their questions.
Not to teach them what Christianity is, rather bring their concern to Jesus and cry together in front of Him.
I believe this is the way to accept His calling together with our listeners.
And my sincere prayer is, “Please use me as your instrument.”

「恵子の郵便ポスト」パーソナリティー・FEBC相談役 吉崎恵子Ms. Keiko Yoshizaki Program hostess of “Keiko’s Mail Bag” Executive Adviser of FEBC Japan


AM radio◇1566kHz 毎夜9:30〜10:45[日本全国放送]/Internet broadcast◇www.febcjp.com/Monthly Delivery MP3 Disk◇We deliver all programs on MP3 disk monthly./Bible Correspondence Course“Tea Room”