We thank you for your support

FEBC Japan is mainly financed by private supporters.
To this day, we have accomplished our mission of broadcasting owing to offerings from private supporters.
We appreciate your prayers and donations.
Facing a financial hard time now, we hope you to support us.

FEBC Japan makes its way with private supporters.
1332 is the current number of those who donate monthly.

A hardship we face with is the decline of monthly supporters.
More than 30% of supporters have declined over the past 15 years.
As Japanese society has an economic stagnation and population ageing, monthly supporters come to have difficulty in donating.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says:
“And I have other sheep,which are not of this field; I must bring them also, and they shall hear My voice;and they shall become one flock with one shepherd.(John 10:16)”
Our mission is based on this Scripture,which tells no one is beyond God’s reach.
But, there are lots of people who aren’t allowed to go to church to listen to the Word of God in Japan because of religious barriers and prejudice.
What one psychiatrist says indicates this reality.
He says “Those who’re able to go to hospital are the elite of all patiences. Those who really need medical care aren’t able to come to hospital.I would say that’s same as church in Japan.”
FEBC Japan is committed to show the presence of The Lord through broadcasting. We believe that God reaches people through FEBC.

We are called to obey our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping to listen to the Good News together. It is our prayer that you share our mission and support monthly.
We appreciate your prayers for people and FEBC in Japan.