Listeners’ voices

Please see some of recent letter-excerpts from Japanese listeners.

Flood Victim listener writes, “I’m very worried about my missing aging parents!”

July 11,2018
Dear Ms.Keiko Yoshizaki and FEBC staff,

Thank you for praying for me, my family and my church, and also thank you for replying to my letters all the time. Thanks a lot! I always look forward to listen to FEBC. I appreciate your continued support.

As you know, we’re suffering from a disaster in Hiroshima. It rained awfully for 3 days. Due to this heavy rainfall disaster, some are killed and others are missing.
A couple of my church members was missing for a time, but ended up to be rescued by helicopter. Another church member was rescued by policeman while landslides destroyed his house. I didn’t suffer a direct damage, but I spent a few days alone in my house.
My telephone didn’t get through and water supply had stopped. By keeping rain water in a pot, I made it through for a few days. Now, I’m very worried about my aging parents because I can’t get in touch them.
At this moment, FEBC is the only support for me. Through the pastor speakers, Ms.Keiko and Mr.Nagakura, I am given God’s mercy, which makes me relieved. How grateful I am! It’s just wonderful! I would write you again soon.


August 18, 2018
Dear Mr.Nagakura and FEBC Staff,

Thank you for your daily broadcast. Especially, I appreciate Mr.Nagakura’s work. I’m grateful for his sincerity.
This heavy rainfall disaster was beyond imagination. Landslides and flooding caused by torrential rain killed 200 people. Fortunately, my family was all safe including my parents. After my previous letter, I could get in touch with them. I can do nothing but thank to God.
As a result, I spent 9 days without water and phone. (A telephone line was broken.) This disaster made me stop taking everything for granted. I realized the true value of water and how much someone’s voice itself gives me a feeling of security. Above all, what a blessing it was that God protected all of our church members! Then, pastors and volunteers came here and removed mud, disinfect and clean-up houses. Oh how much do I appreciate their help!


Keiko was the only person I could open my mind 3 years ago.

Dear Keiko,

First of all, I’m grateful to FEBC from the bottom of my heart. I can’t thank FEBC enough.
Please listen to my story. 3 years ago, I was hopeless of my life. I needed profoundly something I could depend on.I sought for something. Twists and turns, I encountered FEBC on Internet. In this way, FEBC came to my life.

I searched for the best place to listen to FEBC and It was my bedroom! I could listen to FEBC so clearly in my bedroom.What a fortunate finding! Since then,I have listened to FEBC every night.
The first 2 years, Keiko was the only one person I could open my mind. I have never felt relieved until I encountered Keiko.When I heard Keiko’s voice “Good night” from the radio, I responded, saying “Good night” to radio. After saying”Good night”,I couldn’t stop my tears and went to sleep with feeling relief.
At the time,I requested FEBC to introduce me to church 3 times.I went to the churches FEBC introduced me.

My mental and physical health are going well this year, so I search for a church on Internet.To tell you the truth, although I’ve been to various churches this past ten years, I can’t find any churches suitable for me.I have no idea what I’m seeking for. But, I’m sure I love church. I feel healed when I’m in church. I can’t help crying everytime I worship in church.

My family doesn’t allow me to go to church. Thus, I should go to church secretly. Of course, I long for going to church. But it’s hard for me.I want to read Bible seriously. I always hold this motivation,so I want to try a FEBC Bible correspondence course.

I have a few question about FEBC Bible correspondence course.
1, I lack the ability to understand. Is this ok?
2, Can I use letters in this course?
3, If it was okay, all I have to do is sending an envelope and a stamp?
I’m worry about the tuition and the charges for copy.

Once again, I request introduction of church. I’ve already requested time and time again. If you can’t, please tell me so. It’s ok.

The first church I visited was an Evangelical Center. They spoke in tongues. I went the church for 2 years, but it was too energetic for me. I went to many churches introduced by FEBC or found on Internet by myself. I may be confusing now.

I don’t mind if you introduce the church same before. I wonder if a church where there is a lot of people is good for me.Because I’m afraid of people’s eyes, to hide myself in the crowded will be good. I’m looking forward to hearing from you about FEBC Bible correspondence course.


Voice from one listener “How fruitful FEBC work is!”

Dear. Keiko

My friend participates in a baptized preparation class in church. She is an FEBC listener. She listens FEBC every day. To my surprise, she often listens it repeatedly.

A few days ago, I had a chance to read the Pauline Epistles with her. I happened to ask a question to her, then she gave me a precise answer.

I was amazed! I find it impressing and amazing to listen to FEBC!
FEBC cultivates your faith by giving you the knowledge about Jesus and the Bible, although, as you know, faith doesn’t directly consist of knowledge.

One year ago, she was a totally beginner of the Bible.
But now, she is already like a Christian, even though she is not baptized.
I’m convinced that she certainly believes in Jesus and knows own sin.

Thank you so much FEBC. I want to say “Thank you” once again.
I’m overwhelmed with amazement and impression. How fruitful FEBC work is.

With big gratitude.